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Оборудование для производства свечей от НПК Сергея Маузера

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Entrepreneur Sergey Mauser continues to share secrets on his YouTube channel on how to open his own business in the production of candles. You have already released an experimental batch of candles, this time with the inscription "Birobidzhan", found a sales market, making sure that your exclusive candles are more interesting to customers than ordinary candle products. You decided to put the business on a broader footing and purchased a candle drum line, as well as aluminum casting molds that allow you to expand the range. It is also important to take into account the requirements for the room where the products will be manufactured. It must have an area of at least 10 square meters and is equipped with high-quality exhaust and ventilation. The temperature in it should be low, otherwise the candles will start to melt. The machines will also not work without the presence of light and water supply. It is also necessary to equip a room for storing ready-made candles. The requirements for it are quite simple. You need to know, for example, that paraffin and wax candles must be stored

Если вы устали ­­­от вопроса Является ли 2021 год подходящим временем для начала бизнеса? ___, подписывайтесь!
Sergey Maksimovich Mauser, a popularizer of candle art in Russia, who sincerely and ardently loves his work, reasonably believes that the International Day of the Candle Maker will help to develop friendly ties between masters from all over the world, increase the popularity of the craft among the uninitiated, illuminate its essence and depth.
That is why he initiated the celebration in Russia. As a person who has been working in the field of candle production for a long time, he knows better than others how important communication between people united by one cause is. #WorldCandleMonth
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